Baan Saan Rak or “House of Love” in English is a non religious organization founded in September 2003 that is located at Maelao in Chiang Rai province to northern Thailand near the Myanmar border. We are a nongovernmental organization providing care to children at risk as orphans, poor, broken families (more information in paragraph ‘The situation and our work’). We are part of the Youth Foundation Ruammit. We are currently helping twenty-two mostly Akha and Thai-Japanese children but offering help  any children regardless of their ethnic who may be at risk.


Baan Saan Rak was founded in 2003 by Jit , a Thai woman who worked as a social worker for many years in Katchanaburi province; till she decided to have her own project in her village near to Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand.
When Jit started this project she was associated with an organization called SEPOM that look after women that have been trafficking as sex workers in Japan who had retourned to Thailand with extremely bad mental and economically conditions. Most of them had children who could not take care.
The first children who arrived to Baan Saan Rak were Thai-Japanese and Akha coming from broken or poor families. First Jit built a bamboo dormitory for them. In 2007, thanks to private donors and Thai Organization Roscoe Project was built proper dormitories, toilets and kitchen.


To provide children from broken or poor families the opportunity to lead happy and fully lives. Children will build up their future life with their skills and talents. They will participate in their own community and contribute to society as leaders, educational teachers, and so on. Through love, care by education and their skills, they will construct and develop their own community through their talents and knowledge.
We believe in the philosophy ‘Learning by doing’. We teach and give responsibilities to children for learn everything necessary to become good people and good citizens.


To prevent criminality of children an their families in need from the lives begging through education and support. We are teaching and helping children at risk of labor exploitation, begging, living on the street, suffering abuse from their own parents. We are also always learning about the progressive development of children through networks with other organizations and people.